Audience Measurement Should Bolster Value of TV Content: NBCUniversal’s Kelly Abcarian

CHICAGO — Marketers are moving beyond traditional media yardsticks like age and gender to measure the business outcomes of their advertising campaigns. Increasingly, those metrics need to reflect the time that viewers spending with traditional linear TV and newer digital channels. “There’s so many challenges as we look across the industry that we need to […]


CTV Data Provide More Insights for Ad Targeting: MBuy’s Michael Parent

Connected TV platforms are becoming more sophisticated about providing audience data to help advertisers improve their targeting. “CTV providers starting to differentiate themselves on how they’re able to develop their targeting, and the reporting aspect of it,” Michael Parent, senior vice president of media strategy and operations at MBuy, a unit of Mediaocean, said in […]


Mobile, TV Data Provide Holistic Audience Insights: Omnicom Media Group’s Kelly Metz

LOS ANGELES – Marketers can harness a combination of TV viewership and mobile usage data to gain a better understanding of how to engage consumers. Those insights are crucial to developing a media plan and making adjustments as needed. “Consumers are watching TVs and engaging with their mobile phones simultaneously as they’re engaging with our […]


Out-of-home Advertising Is ‘Truly Booming’ As U.S. Reopens: OAAA’s Anna Bager

The reopening of the U.S. economy has spurred a rebound in out-of-home advertising as marketers seek to reach people who are itching to get outdoors after being stuck at home during lockdowns. Marketers also have more flexibility in their campaigns as the growth in digital out-of-home makes the delivery of video ads more feasible. “What […]


Mobile Data Help to Avoid Ad Duplication: GSD&M’s Dave Kersey

Consumers are dividing their time spent with media among a wider variety of platforms and devices, challenging marketers to reach audiences without overexposing them to same advertising. Amid the growth in video consumption on connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones, advertisers are working with multiple connected TV (CTV) platforms to build scale. “Duplication […]


Tubi Is Game-Changer in Reaching Cord-Cutters: Fox’s Suzanne Sullivan

Advertisers have more ways to reach audiences who are consuming media on a wider variety of devices, including smart TVs, tablets and mobile phones. Fox Entertainment aims to help brands to connect with consumers, whether they watch traditional linear TV or streaming video services like Tubi, which parent company Fox Corp. bought last year. “Tubi […]


Mobile Data Enable Audience Targeting on CTV: MediaCom’s Jeff Liang

Marketers are finding ways to harness mobile data to improve their audience targeting as consumers spend more time with digital media. To avoid overexposing consumers to the same ads among different connected devices, such as smart TVs and mobile phones, brands combine different sources of data to gain more insights into media consumption behavior. “We […]


Location Data Offer Insights on Power of CTV Ads: Foursquare’s Glen Straub

As the economy reopens and people start going out more often to stores, restaurants, theaters and concert venues, marketers are looking for more indications that their advertising campaigns are having a positive effect on real-world behavior. As brands buy more ads on connected TV (CTV) platforms, location data can help to hone their efforts to […]


Convergence, Diversity Lead NewFront Themes: Digitas’s Jodi Robinson

The surging popularity of streaming services in the past year has made the convergence of digital video and linear TV more of a reality. This year’s NewFront marked a watershed moment in the ongoing evolution of digital video as media consumption shifts to connected devices like smart TVs. ” Fourteen years ago, when we established […]


Tentpole Events Drive Live Viewership of Hispanic Audiences: Univision’s Dan Riess

Spanish-language television giant Univision is undergoing a significant transformation amid a merger with Mexico’s Televisa and plans for a global expansion into streaming video. During today’s UpFront sales presentation, Univision is showcasing its live viewership and upcoming tentpole events. “We’re talking primarily about growth, and the concept of growing with Univision. It’s a unique promise […]


HBO Max Will Offer Harmonious Mix of Content, Ads: WarnerMedia’s JP Colaco

WarnerMedia hosts its upfront sales presentation on May 19 amid high expectations for its HBO Max streaming service that will start carrying advertising in June. The company also will showcase upcoming programming that builds on its vast library of intellectual property from the past 100 years. “Brands have an opportunity to take part in this […]


Mobile Data Support Personalized Healthcare Marketing: Starcom’s Melissa Gordon-Ring

The widespread usage of smartphones has provided an important source of data for healthcare marketers seeking to understand consumer behavior. That information underpins more personalized interactions with target audiences and ongoing relationships with key consumer groups. “Customer data is incredibly valuable,” Melissa Gordon-Ring, executive vice president and managing director of Publicis Groupe’s Starcom unit, said […]


Linear Addressable TV Is ‘True Convergence Point’: Discovery’s Huda Kazi

The growth in households that connect their TVs directly to the internet offers advertisers a way to reach consumers who seek the flexibility to watch linear and on-demand programming. With this year’s launch of streaming service Discovery+, parent company Discovery aims to broaden and diversify its audience. The launch of Discovery+ preceded this week’s announcement […]


Upfront Market Faces Pressure Amid Need for Flexibility: Mars’ Ron Amram

As the TV upfront sales season enters its final week, advertisers are seeking more flexibility with their media spending amid ongoing shifts in viewing habits. Mars, the confectioner whose brands include M&M’s, Milky Way and Snickers, is keeping a close eye on those trends as traditional linear TV becomes a smaller part of the media […]


Data Tell Story of Changing Viewership Habits: PMX’s AJ Kintner

The shift in viewership from linear TV to streaming video has transformed the way advertisers seek to reach target audiences. Data-driven targeting strategies have become more prominent as consumers spend more time with digital media. “TV has completely changed. We’ve been trapped in our houses and watching a lot more of it, but at the […]


Outcomes Are Backbone of Healthcare Targeting: DeepIntent’s Jen Werther

Speed is a critical part of measuring the outcomes of healthcare advertising, helping marketers and their agencies to better optimize their campaigns for key performance indicators (KPIs). As an operator of a demand-side platform (DSP) for healthcare marketers, DeepIntent provides information that’s more quickly actionable. “Agencies will get a PowerPoint or some information a month […]


Content Personalization Underpins Microtargeting of Ads: Tubi’s Adam Lewinson

The variety of programming on streaming services not only gives viewers more choices, but also helps advertisers to reach more targeted audience segments. For Tubi, the ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service owned by Fox Corp., the goal is to keep expanding its audience for its vast library of content and original programming. “So much […]


CTV Advertising Helps to Drive Purchase Intent: Saucony’s Grace Smith

BOSTON – Marketers seeking to reach a mass audience often describe connected TV (CTV) as a way to reach an incremental group of consumers who don’t want watch traditional linear TV. However, CTV provides advantages for brands that seek more targeted audiences and want to tell a more complete brand story. For Saucony, the sportswear […]


Brands, DTC Marketers All Benefit From TV Ads: A+E’s Peter Olsen

Television viewing habits are undergoing a significant shift as younger consumers gravitate toward newer digital platforms while older generations show greater loyalty to linear TV. Amid these trends, the advertising market is being shaped by the demands of disruptor direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that seek to generate sales even as they raise brand awareness. “Those three […]


Beachfront Readies Addressable Ad Delivery with Successful Test of Vizio’s OAR Standard

Addressable advertising that lets marketers reach different households with different ads on linear TV is set to grow as technical hurdles are overcome. Video ad management platform Beachfront is at the forefront of enabling addressability as part of Project OAR, the industry consortium led by smart-TV maker Vizio. Beachfront recently completed a pilot program to […]

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