NEW YORK – Retailers that sell advertising offer marketers another way to reach consumers as they shop online, not only helping to drive direct sales, but also to raise awareness for a wide variety of brands. Kroger Precision Marketing, the advertising sales unit of the grocery chain, is among the retail media networks that tout their ability to reach consumers at all stages of the purchase funnel by harnessing vast troves of data.

“It’s really evolved how we’ve leveraged the data,” Jill Smith, vice president of sales at Kroger Precision Marketing, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Mike Shields. “In the early days, it was around more couponing offers and leveraging the data for promotions, and since then, it’s evolved into leveraging Kroger’s first-party data for connected TV activations.”

Estimated U.S. retail media spending

Kroger is collaborating with streaming platforms such as Roku and Hulu, and ad-tech companies such as The Trade Desk to harness its first-party data to help marketers reach target audiences. While marketers may associate Kroger with groceries and packaged goods, the store chain can provide targeted reach for a broader range of industries.

“We have the relationships with the General Mills, with the Conagra. We will always continue to partner with those CPG brands,” Smith said. “We’re now expanding our partnerships beyond CPG. We’re talking to companies from insurance advertisers, QSR advertisers, auto advertisers.”

Kroger each day processes 11 million transactions with shoppers throughout the United States. Ninety-six percent of those transactions are connected to a shopper loyalty card, giving Kroger a more complete view of consumer habits.

“There’s hundreds of thousands of signals happening every single day that can be really helpful,” Smith said.

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