Best Buy Ads Goes Off-Site & Closed-Loop In Shoppable Media Journey

In a fast-moving a lucrative category like consumer electronics, Best Buy is mixing its own technology with that of others in a mission to become a major advertising player. In January 2022, the company launched Best Buy Ads, its own retail media network, as the company became the latest retailer to enter the new retail […]


Broad Variety of Industries Can Reach Consumers Through Retail Media: Kroger’s Jill Smith

NEW YORK – Retailers that sell advertising offer marketers another way to reach consumers as they shop online, not only helping to drive direct sales, but also to raise awareness for a wide variety of brands. Kroger Precision Marketing, the advertising sales unit of the grocery chain, is among the retail media networks that tout […]


Shopper & TV Data Can Help Retail Media Rise Above Challenges: Roku’s Friedman

Advertisers are having to work harder to find audiences – but the search may end at the centre of the Venn diagram of data from TV platforms and retail media. That is according to Carly Friedman, Head of Industry: Entertainment, Gaming, Tech & Telco, Roku. In March 2023, Roku partnered with Best Buy Ads, using […]


HP’s Decker On Retail Media Challenges & Opportunities

Retail or ecommerce media – in which ecommerce operators carve out ad inventory in their store to sell to brands – is growing fast. But how are brands embracing the trend? In this video interview with Beet.TV, Scott Decker, North America Media Strategic Planning Lead, HP, paints a picture of the challenges and opportunities. The […]


Retail Media Should Be Part Of Holistic Brand Strategy: Digitas’ Lanzi

Retail media, for a long time, has been perceived as emerging from non-traditional media budgets. This perspective is now changing, with funds coming out of more traditional media budgets. That is according to Amy Lanzi,who, as CEO, Digitas North America, is taking a keen interest in the trend. The Changing Landscape of Retail Media Budgets […]


Pagliuca Explains How OMG Is Advancing Accountability and Standards Across Digital Channels

The rapid evolution of the digital landscape, with new channels like Connected TV (CTV) and retail media, demands a multi-faceted planning, buying and measurement approach that, for many, adds up to fragmentation and labor. That is why many in the industry go on advocating for standardization. For Megan Pagliuca, Chief Activation Officer, Omnicom, the solution […]