Television viewers have more ways than ever before to see their favorite programming with the explosive growth in connected devices. This changing behavior has driven demand for ways to measure people’s attention to advertising, which is a specialty of Lumens Research.

“Attention is so important because people are so good at ignoring advertising,” Michael Follett, co-founder of Lumen Research, said in this interview with Beet.TV contributor Rob Williams. “And so, attention technologies have become available and necessary because we really want to understand is anyone actually looking at or engaging with our ads?”

Another crucial part of measuring attention is finding correlations between people’s viewing behavior and outcomes, such as ordering a product online, calling for more information or visiting a store to buy something.

“No one advertises simply to get attention. You advertise to change the world, to sell more stuff, to change opinions. It’s all about money or it’s about memories,” Follett said. “Attention is a means to that end. When we’re measuring attention and then building our probabilistic models, we always have that end in mind.”

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