Ad Overexposure on Connected TV Harms Brands & Streaming Platforms: Magna’s Kara Manatt

Seeing the same commercial over and over for a long time has been part of watching television. That doesn’t mean the phenomenon is any less annoying for viewers, 87% of whom said they see too many of the same advertisements, according to a study by the media trials unit of Interpublic’s Magna in partnership with […]


Our Rebrand Reflects Disintermediation Trends: Nexxen’s Kara Puccinelli

Billions of dollars in advertising spending every year are handled among a digital network of buyers, sellers, marketplaces and many kinds of data providers. Parts of this network are undergoing what’s known as disintermediation, or removing the middlemen between buyer and seller. Amid these shifts emerged in June a new brand, Nexxen, to bring together […]


Measuring Attention to Ads Has Greater Meaning with Outcomes: Lumen’s Michael Follett

Television viewers have more ways than ever before to see their favorite programming with the explosive growth in connected devices. This changing behavior has driven demand for ways to measure people’s attention to advertising, which is a specialty of Lumens Research. “Attention is so important because people are so good at ignoring advertising,” Michael Follett, […]


Attention Metrics Are Key Indicators of Ad Campaigns: OMD USA’s Britt Cushing

Consumers today divide their time spent with media among a wider range of channels and devices including mobile phones and internet-connected TVs. This fragmentation has challenged marketers to find more ways to measure the effectiveness of advertising, including people’s attention to brand messaging. “Measuring attention is extremely important because we do see it as a […]


Attention Metrics Help to Evaluate Media Strategy: Mars’s Ron Amram

The media marketplace is more fragmented than ever before as consumers divide their time among a bigger variety of connected devices and content platforms, which include social media and streaming services. This complexity challenges marketers to better understand how people pay attention to advertising. “What we have been searching for is really a way to […]


Sustainability Isn’t the Enemy of Advertising Strategies: UM’s Martin Bryan

There is growing awareness among companies that their marketing activities affect the environment. Greenhouse gasses not only come energy-intensive operations like running a factory or a fleet of trucks, but they also come from the electricity to host websites, store data or for automated bidding on digital advertising. As global chief sustainability officer of UM, […]


Sports Viewership Diversifies as Streaming Grows: DIRECTV Advertising’s Matthew Jamison

Streaming platforms are seeking to expand their audiences – and advertising sales — by building up their live sports programming, as seen with Amazon’s deal to show the National Football League’s “Thursday Night Football.” As more live sports migrate to connected devices, marketers must consider how their access to consumers is changing. “What we’ve seen […]