Connected TV gives people more control over the viewing experience with its on-demand features and growing selection of programming. That positive experience can provide a supportive framework for effective advertising.

“We take the user experience very seriously, and what we can excel at as publishers in the CTV space is using all of the data available to us to personalize and customize the advertising experience,” Chris Flatley, vice president of ad sales at streaming platform FuboTV, said in this interview with Sr. Editor Rob Williams. “We customize each experience almost down to the impression level to make sure that consumers are engaged and have an enjoyable ad experience while they’re watching content on Fubo.”

As much as video distributors and publishers want to maximize revenue from advertising, they also don’t want to frustrate viewers with excessive ad loads. Audiences have more content choices than ever before, including subscription services that don’t carry ads or have fewer commercial breaks.

“I don’t think there necessarily has to be a trade-of,” Flatley said. “It goes back to being as good as possible at shepherding the experience as we can be.”

There’s much more room for innovation in advertising technology, including interactive commercials that support ecommerce, he said. FuboTV last year acquired, an ad-tech firm that developed a computer vision platform that applies artificial intelligence technology to recognizing what appears in videos.

“The ad-tech team is using that to further increase things like interactivity, shoppability and contextual targeting for us,” Flatley said. “We’re continuing to invest in ad-tech and try to make the experience as enjoyable as possible for the end user.”

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