Experience Is Critical: Highlights From ‘Transforming CTV’

Although “connected TV” (CTV) has been rising fast, most viewers tend to just consider it all “TV”. That places an onus on parts of the CTV ad supply chain to match the TV ad viewing experience, eliminating duplicate or poorly targeted ads. Ten executives interviewed for the just-wrapped Transforming CTV: Delivering a Better Ad Experience […]


CTV Advertising Is Improving with Latest Automation Standards: Beachfront’s Amit Nigam

The television advertising marketplace has grown more complex amid the emergence of digital video channels whose technology in many ways is more advanced than the legacy systems of traditional broadcasters. Buyers and sellers of advertising also are adopting systems to automate ad transactions in programmatic auctions, adding to the complexity. “I would look at it […]


CTV’s Positive Viewer Experience Improves Engagement for Advertisers: FuboTV’s Chris Flatley

Connected TV gives people more control over the viewing experience with its on-demand features and growing selection of programming. That positive experience can provide a supportive framework for effective advertising. “We take the user experience very seriously, and what we can excel at as publishers in the CTV space is using all of the data […]


Connect The Dots From The Center: DIRECTV’s Jamison On TV Efficiency

How can an industry undergoing transformation reintroduce simplicity after innovation has wrought complexity? DIRECTV thinks it can help, by being a distributor for programmers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Matt Jamison, Group Vice President, Digital and Demand Partnerships, DIRECTV, says that kind of player has a role to improve operational efficiency. In the thick […]


CTV Ad Growth Suggests Big Demand for Addressable Linear TV: Scripps’s Tom Sly

Millions of U.S. households are hooking up their televisions to the internet, opening up a chance to see a wider selection of programming from the growing number of connected TV apps. Those viewers expect to have a viewing experience that’s equal to or better than traditional television, though technical hiccups can still get in the […]


Retail Media Networks Drive Ad Outcomes for Brands: Kroger’s Halli Goddard

Can KPM help CPGs hit KPIs using CTV? If you’ll excuse the acronym soup, the answer appears to be “YES.” Kroger is the latest retailer leveraging its own customer loyalty data to help brands buy winning ad campaigns. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Halli Goddard, Advanced TV Lead, Kroger Precision Marketing (KPM), explains why […]


TV’s Future Depends on Good Streaming Ad Experiences: Univision’s Brian Lin

As ad-free streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ prepare to start selling advertising, they’ll have to balance the needs of advertisers who want to reach audiences and the needs of consumers who want a positive viewing experience. The growth in connected television (CTV) will hinge on its transformation into an ad-supported medium like traditional linear […]


Converged TV Offers More Flexibility for Advertisers: Mediaocean’s Akhil Parekh

Consumers have more ways to watch video content as connected devices like smart TVs and mobile phones give them greater control over the viewing experience. This significant shift in their media consumption habits has challenged advertisers to improve their ability to manage cross-platform campaigns as traditional linear television and streaming video converge on people’s electronic […]


CTV Will Anchor Campaigns As Programmatic Advertising Expands: Viant’s Dave Simon

Connected television will provide the most significant video platform for advertisers with the growth of programmatic media buying. These automated transactions will depend on a variety of supporting technologies to help brands identify the households they want to reach while also respecting consumer privacy. For marketers to commit more of their media budgets to CTV, […]


CTV Can Provide Greater Media Transparency for Advertisers: Dentsu’s Brad Stockton

Millions of people are hooking up their TVs directly to the internet, giving advertisers a way to reach target audiences that’s similar to digital pinpointing. This delivery mechanism is significant in making the video ad marketplace more transparent to marketers and agencies. “Knowing what programs our audiences are really tuning into to allow us to […]


Media Transparency Underpins CTV Ad Outcomes: Beachfront’s Katie Long

The growing number of people who watch ad-supported streaming video gives marketers more ways to reach consumers who spend less time with traditional linear television. With the right tools, brands can gain sharper insights into the performance of their campaigns on connected TV (CTV) platforms. “When we’re looking at the connected TV space, there’s still […]