This is Women’s History Month and we wanted to take stock of gender equality and report on what’s happening in our industry.

We turned to Stephanie Dorman, chief customer officer at Mediaocean.  Stephanie is a veteran of the ad-tech industry and has been watching the changes for women throughout her career. Formerly as chief people officer at Mediaocean, she has led many innovative programs to make the company’s workforce more diverse.

There has been improvement for women, with more gender balance, she says, yet many challenges remain. Women often feel the pull of personal obligations such as being the primary caregivers to family members including children or elderly parents. She speaks to how that role has been amplified during the pandemic.

One thing that is not talked about is the impact of menopause.  It’s a key factor Stephanie says, and is important to be addressed in finding a productive, nurturing workplace.

Great conversation.  Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing.

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