Beet Retreat Speakers in Santa Monica 2021

LOS ANGELES — We just wrapped our Beet Retreat, an amazing gathering of 200 industry leaders for three days of conversations and learnings.

It was very special.

In advance of the event, we spoke with several of the industry leaders who were part of the Retreat.

The big themes that they spoke about in my conversations and were voiced on stage, were are around collaboration, interoperability and the establishment of  industry standards.  Many of developments which are key to the success foo the advanced TV ecosystem.

Here are some of voices from the Retreat:  FreeWheel’s Dave Clark, Comcast’s Pooja Midha, WarnerMedia’s Andrea Zapata, Field Garthwaite from IRIS.TV  and Matt Spiegel from TransUnion.

Much more to come from the Retreat.  So make sure follow Beet.TV

Thanks to the podcast series sponsor TransUnion