Welcome to this episode of the BeetCast.

I hope you’ve had good,  relaxing summer.

Here in the Beet patch  we are ramping up with a number of projects including our weekly podcast.  We are very pleased to be back for a new season – and a huge thanks to Transunion for sponsoring.

We are kicking off the the new season with my chat with Wenda Harris Millard, one of the most innovative, inspiring leaders we know.

Wenda has a stellar record of achievements from her work  at  DoubleClick, Ziff Davis, Yahoo and Martha Stewart Omnimedia where was co-CEO.  She joined  Michael Kassan twelve years ago as Vice Chairman and COO to build the powerhouse consultancy MediaLink.

Not slowing down, she is hard at work at at MediaLink at a number of other projects.  I am happy we could catch up.

In our chat, she covers the accelerated transformation of digital media, the emergence of identity-based solutions  and their impact on outcomes.

She shares her thoughts and experiences as woman mentor, advising many women on how to navigate the extraordinary pressures of family and career during Covid.

A great conversation.

Thank you Wenda for all you do and for you support of my work.  You mean a lot to many people

Thanks again to our season sponsor Transuion.

And thank you for listening.  I hope you enjoy the episode.

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