The variety of programming on streaming services not only gives viewers more choices, but also helps advertisers to reach more targeted audience segments. For Tubi, the ad-supported video on demand (AVOD) service owned by Fox Corp., the goal is to keep expanding its audience for its vast library of content and original programming.

“So much of viewership is about microtargeting — especially over the past 12 months,” Adam Lewinson, chief content officer of Tubi, said in this interview with Beet.TV.

Whereas people used to watch the same shows and have water-cooler conversations about them the next day, they now seek more individualized programming and turn to social media for those discussions about their favorite shows.

“What you stream is who you are,” Lewinson said. “If you show me your queue , that’s going to tell me a whole lot about who you are, what genres you want to watch.”

Source: eMarketer

To meet the needs of those audiences, Tubi has built a content library of more than 30,000 titles, and created tools to help people discover programming that appeals to their interests. Tubi plans to differentiate its platform even further by adding 140 hours of original content this year.

“Our original strategy is going to mirror that by creating content that has our viewers and our advertisers top of mind,” Lewinson said.

Tubi’s range of programming includes everything from thrillers to westerns to romantic comedies to children’s shows. Viewers can find content grouped by genre or in special collections, such as Black Cinema.

Tubi also is expanding its news programming with local news from Fox TV stations, and has a goal of being in 58 designated market areas (DMAs) this year. As part of Fox’s broadcast deal with the National Football League, Tubi will expand its sports programming even further. Tubi also plans to expand its documentary programming, and offer more animated content as part of a deal with animation studio Bento Box.

“We’re using content intelligence,” he said. “We have so much data now about our viewers’ behavior, about their interests, about their needs and we’re using that to fuel decisions about what content we want to make.”

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