Since its inception, the distribution of podcasts has relied on a downloaded file, sent to users via RSS feed.   But that system has limitations in understanding consumption.   It’s akin to delivering a magazine but not knowing if it was opened or read.

Spotify’s platform for podcast distribution is streaming as it is for music.   The company has invested heavily in the podcast field.

According to eMarketer, this year, Spotify will pass Apple in the number of listeners to podcasts in the U.S.   The evolution of podcast to streaming will fundamentally change the value of the medium, says Sean Kegelman, Global Head of Data and Audience Solutions at Spotify.

In this episode of the #BeetCast podcast, Kegelman also explains the value of the Spotify’s listeners’ music preferences and playlists in enhancing listening experiences and by effectively identifying users for advertiser messages.

In our chat, Kegelman reflects the evolution of digital media spanning some 23 years, as seen from his work at  Digitas to Vivaki and Spotify.

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