LOS ANGELES — Streaming audio is changing the listening experience for everyone with a smartphone and reliable data connection, giving marketers a way to reach audiences in a broader variety of settings. The portability of mobile devices means that people can call up music and podcasts from almost anywhere.

“Audio is primary, it’s booming, it’s exciting,” Neal Schore, president and CEO of Triton Digital, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “It’s both in the traditional radio form around the world, but it’s also in the livestreaming and audio on demand audio, which of course is podcasting.”

Triton provides the electronic plumbing to connect audio publishers with their listeners, along with the ability for advertisers to measure impressions for audio ads. While streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music have seen faster revenue growth for their subscription services that don’t carry ads, marketers are connecting with those listeners through host-read spots in podcasts and in ad-supported services that are free to listeners.

Source: Triton Digital, Edison Research

Digital distribution “removes all the barriers from the towers. Whether you’re a pure-play publisher broadcasting anywhere in the world, or if you’re a brand where you have a tower in a specific marketplace,” Schore said.

The company provides data to help advertisers reach highly targeted audiences in more than 50 countries worldwide.

“The data we provide are captured on a one-to-one basis, so there’s no estimates, no panels, no guesswork whatsoever,” Schore said. “The data that we procure, although we don’t publish it in widely used formats, it used for the transaction or the monetization for our publishers.”

Dynamic ad insertion is giving advertisers a way to reach consumers on audio streaming platforms, supporting programmatic buying of inventory.

“There are companies that are really pushing programmatic,” Schore said. “TruOptik is a great example of a company that’s really pushing audio connectivity and having some sort of programmatic components for it.”

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