Digital Audio Drives Ad Growth for Radio Broadcasters: WideOrbit’s John Morris

The growing audience for advertising-supported streaming audio is driving a shift in media spending as marketers seek to reach listeners of music and podcast programming. The portability of smartphones and the popularity of unlimited mobile data plans help to reach consumers wherever they are, while smart speaker ownership is rising among connected households. “I’ve been […]


In-Ear Ads Are Sanctuary For Maxed-Out Eyes: iHeartMedia’s Brokaw

If video killed the radio star, try telling that to Carter Brokaw. As president of digital revenue strategy at US radio group iHeartMedia, Brokaw is charged with diversifying and capitalizing upon what, these days, is a spectrum of audio listening and ad opportunities far broader than “radio” itself. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Brokaw […]


Innovation, Diverse Content Support Growth of Streaming Audio Ads: TargetSpot’s Dominick Milano

The streaming audio market is growing as consumers spend more time listening to music and podcasts from on-demand platforms. Technological innovation also is putting audio advertising into mobile games, making them less intrusive than that video or display ads that can be a turnoff to gamers. “Audio is a market that has been exploding, in […]


Audio’s Performance Era Is Upon Us: Horizon’s Russo

The days of putting ad money into radio with little insight into return on investment may soon be gone. In the new era of digital audio, advertisers are able to buy only those ads they know generate some kind of measured performance uplift. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Lauren Russo, EVP, Managing Partner Audio […]


Radio Has Been Rebooted: Entercom’s Foss

it may have historically lacked the ability to track and target individual listeners, but radio’s intimacy has always made it a personal medium. Now that audio listening channels can take advantage of digital signalling, many think that the unique properties of new-wave radio plus the addressability of digital can combine to make an appealing offer. In […]


Now Hear This: Streaming Ads Rise Along With Radio, Carat’s Anderson Says

In the new audio odyssey, all boats may be rising. Streaming audio – in the shape of both podcasts, digital music, smart speakers and more – is opening up to advertisers. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Diana Anderson – SVP, Group Director, National Audio and Local Digital Activation of the media agency Carat – says […]


Listen Up, Audio Finds Hard-To-Reach Audiences: NPR’s Smith

COVID-19 lockdowns may have reduced the number of commuters listening to radio in their cars. But the future nevertheless looks bright for anyone involved in audio programming. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Michael Smith, NPR Chief Marketing Officer, says the public broadcaster’s podcast listenership is skyrocketing, with digital audio set to diversify still further. […]


Smart Speakers Are Key Ad Gateway to Connected Homes: TransUnion’s David Oliveira

CHICAGO – Smart speakers have a central role in connected homes, letting people use voice commands to control smart appliances, TVs, lighting, video doorbells and security systems. Smart speakers also provide a way for marketers to reach consumers who use the devices to listen to streaming music and podcasts, and to interact directly with brands […]


Streaming Audio Drives Shift in Measuring Car Dealer Visits: Force Marketing’s Jeff Brown

ATLANTA  — Automotive brands are seeing a major shift in radio advertising as the listener experience shift to on-demand streaming platforms. Instead of broadcasting to an entire region, dealerships can target the most likely vehicle buyers based on audience data and boost the performance of their campaigns. “There are key differences today from a broadcast […]


‘Audio Is Booming’ With On-Demand Growth: Triton’s Neal Schore

LOS ANGELES — Streaming audio is changing the listening experience for everyone with a smartphone and reliable data connection, giving marketers a way to reach audiences in a broader variety of settings. The portability of mobile devices means that people can call up music and podcasts from almost anywhere. “Audio is primary, it’s booming, it’s […]


Interactive Audio Ads Ready For Tech Platforms: Progress Partners’ MacShane

BOSTON – The history of online audio is a tale of closed-platform listening. But what if the future was interconnectivity with a suite of advanced audio advertising tools? That is what Nick MacShane believes could pan out. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the founder of media- and tech-focused M&A advisory Progress Partners says the […]


Audio Is Turning Up The Volume For Advertisers: Tru Optik’s Wiesenfeld

In the last couple of years, most of the noise about digital ad targeting has been made at the intersection of two channels – video and mobile. But the growth in streaming audio consumption, coupled with the capabilities it affords, is drawing new advertiser interest, reinvigorating an old format. In this video interview with Beet.TV, […]