Bringing the community together to exchange ideas, build relationships and make compelling videos has been the mission of Beet.TV since its start in 2006. It is exemplified in our 100-person executive retreats which we call the Beet Retreat.

Two years ago this month in San Juan, we had an incredibly accomplished group for a three days retreat. This video was produced there. The opening image is of the 250-year old San Cristobal Fort in Old San Juan, site of the gala closing dinner.

Our last Retreat was in San Juan this past February. Sadly we are skipping this winter in San Juan, but we will be back.

Our next Beet Retreat will be in Santa Monica, kicking off one year from today, November 17 – 19, 2021. It will be wonderful to be together. Of course, it will take place as health conditions permit. Let’s hope we are OK by then.

We will be releasing details about the event in the weeks ahead.

People, let’s focus on better times in 2021.