Janus Strategy & Insights president Howard Shimmel complains that many parts of the industry have not come together in order to make available data that could be used for planning advanced TV media buys at scale.

“It’s a hope,” he says. “I’ve always been surprised that the advertisers have not forced Facebook to be more collaborative. It’s really different to play in a planning space versus retain the necessary data to drive yield on an individual deal.

“I think it’s really important that every publisher realise you’ve got to play for planning, but … it’s not going to diminish your ability to actually use data to drive yield.”

Previously chief research officer at Turner, Shimmel left in 2018 to form his own consultancy.

He has previously published work showing how consumers are willing to give up more of their data than is commonly assumed.

But now Shimmel sees a problem.

“We, (in the industry), have is a big willingness to pay for currency transaction data, but no willingness to pay for great planning data sets,” he says. “If we’re ever going to get convergence right, there’s going to be this massive data set that is used just for planning.

“It links into Hulu’s inventory, it links into Roku’s inventory, it’s able to see what Ampersand has from cable addressable, and then it has linear on top of it, so it could actually then be used to plan effectively.”

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat leadership event hosted Publicis Media in New York. The event and video series is sponsored by FreeWheel and LiveRamp. For more videos from the event, please visit this page