Put 200 of the world’s leading senior marketing decision makers in a room and what do you get? An agenda for the future of the craft.

But, maybe also, a playbook for making a better world.

A group called the CMO Growth Council was formed back in 2018 to share best practice amongst chief marketing officers. More than 200 of them gathered in Orlando in November to debate. And 250 of them are meeting again during this week’s Cannes Lions.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, CMO Growth Council chair Marc Pritchard, who is P&G’s chief brand officer, lays out three priorities through which brands can be “a force for good and a force for growth in the world”…

  • Equality and inclusion: “If we could get more equality … we could really lift boats in terms of creating growth. Our core priority is expanding SeeHer to get accurate representation of women and girls (in advertising), and expanding Free the Bid so we get representation behind the camera.”
  • Environmental sustainability: “We just launched #BrandsForGood, a group of companies coming together to be able to use brands to be able to promote sustainable lifestyles, sustainable behaviors, and sustainable solutions.”
  • Responsible media: “We’ll be announcing the Global Alliance for Responsible Media so we can assure that we can have an internet, an online, that is free of hate, full of civility and safety for both consumers and for brands.

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