CANNES–Procter & Gamble’s first-ever P&G LifeLab installation at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity is part of the company’s effort to “reimagine creativity to reinvent advertising” through a variety of new creative and technology partnerships.

“We’ve been focusing on reinventing brand building for the past couple of years, a lot on media, a lot with agencies, a lot with innovation and now advertising,” P&G Chief Brand Officer Marc Pritchard says in this interview at Cannes with Beet.TV.

“What we’re trying to do is merge the ad world with other creative worlds of film making, music, comedy, technology, journalism and the encouragement that I would provide is for others to join forces with these worlds.”

P&G LifeLab showcases the integration of technology into brands to create better consumer experiences. “It includes a partnership with Thrive and Arianna Huffington where we’ve embedded her micro steps for positive mental well being and emotional well being into our everyday products like Oral B,” says Pritchard.

Also within P&G LifeLab is the company’s SK-II FutureX Smart Store “so you can get the entire retail experience, which kind of replaces advertising to a large extent,” Pritchard adds.

A creative partnership with John Legend integrates multiple genres to explore various aspects of humanity and the human experience—including parenthood, modern masculinity, music and social justice—with P&G and its Pampers, Gillette and SK-II brands.

“We have a partnership with Saturday Morning premiering THE LOOK, a film that will help change your perspective on racial bias and it includes VR experiences from Verizon Media RYOT so you can immerse and have empathy at the same time.”

THE LOOK follows The Talk, which two years ago addressed racial bias and the Black Lives matter social movement, as Campaign reports.

“Finally, to make sure that we can get diversity and inclusion behind the camera, we’re working with Alma Har’el on re-launching Free the Bid into Free The Work, which will get women and underrepresented creators behind the camera,” Pritchard says.

“We love our existing agencies, and add on top of that creative partnerships with these different geniuses to be able to create a new abundance of creativity.”

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