The idea of assembling a different ad, from multiple constituent pieces of content, for each individual audience member, depending on their targetable characteristics, goes back some way.

Somehow, though, “dynamic creative optimization” (DCO) never quite seemed to hit prime-time – until now.

After years on the sidelines, suddenly ad industry executives are back talking about DCO.

Arguably that is because the last few years’ intense focus on solving targetability is now solved – or at least because certain new regulations necessarily limit that targetability.

“For many, many years dynamic creative and creative optimization took a back seat to media optimization,” agrees Pete Kim, MightyHive CEO, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“I remember very clearly at some points DSPs actively advising their clients to just use static creative because it was too complicated to do the optimization with dynamic creative. as an industry we’ve been focusing much more on the targeting, the who you talk to as opposed to what you’re saying.”

Fox-owned true[X] has brought dynamic creative to market, amongst other vendors.

And those vendors may be in line for more attention than ever, as minds focus back on the message, not the medium.

“What’s happened now is that, as the media optimization thing has really gotten fully rendered and all the low hanging fruit has been picked, now the attention is finally starting to swing towards creative optimization,” says Kim.

“It’s very, very gratifying for me to see that for the first time we actually seem to be at the tipping points.”

Sir Martin Sorrell, the man who used to run the world’s largest ad agency holding group, WPP, is reborn, as executive chairman of his S4 Capital Group, an investment-driven operating company that already acquired creative house MediaMonks for $350m to offer content and which in December merged it with MightyHive, a company with both programmatic and creative services in a $150m deal.

When S4 Capital announced its preliminary 2018 results this week, including billings of £59.1 billion, it helped turn around a share price that had been seeing small declines since February, resuming what has otherwise been an upward trajectory since a crash following the spike at S4’s creation last May.

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