ORLANDO—Being bold and edgy in your approach to advertising is the Trunk Club way. Those traits are a reflectiong of the male-oriented retailer’s in-house agency, which is “the driver of creative for our band. We do not work with any external agencies right now. So we’re it,” says Maureen Boyle, Senior Director, Creative Services & Events.

That’s a different approach than in 2015, a year after Trunk Club was acquired by Nordstrom, when it launched its first-ever national television ad campaign while working with the Siegel + Gale agency.

Now Trunk Club is in the midst of launching a new brand strategy and campaign that has “a totally different approach for the brand,” Boyle says in this interview with Beet.TV at the ANA In-House Agency Conference.

While “constantly ideating” new creative concepts, the company has its own no-bounds approach.

“My creative director always has a great saying when we start talking about new ideas,” Boyle says. “Suspend reality. Let’s talk about things as if there were no boundaries, no lines to color within. And then let’s bring it back to reality. And that’s where a lot of the great ideas come from.”

Asked about creative optimization, Boyle says, “It’s something that we are dipping our toes in the water a little bit.” Trunk Club is starting down that road by experimenting with varied radio ad content. “That allows us to be a little more specific to the markets that we’re targeting. It’s something that I think we will start to branch into a little bit deeper after this current test with radio and I think it’s exciting.”

At the ANA event, Boyle, who is Chair of the Midwest Chapter of the organization’s In-House Agency Committee, gave a presentation titled The Intersection of Right and Interesting: Boosting Creative Without Breaking Your Brand. She summarizes a key takeaways for attendees as “be a little bit more bold and perhaps take a little bit edgier approach to their advertising. Fortune favors the bold.”

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