Publishers and broadcasters have spent the last year moving from a binary operating model (“digital” and “linear”) to a holistic one.

But ad buyers are still split across the two traditional worlds, and that is curtailing ad spending, according to an ex ad agency boss who now oversees digital media measurement.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Comscore president Sarah Hofstetter, who recently joined after being US CEO of 360i, shares how one of her first observations, after jumping the fence, has frustrated her.

“There have been silos,” she says. “There’s TV buying (on the one hand), there’s digital buying (on the other), and then there’s that premium that sits in that purgatory in between. And so, consequently, media partners have tried to align themselves to the buyers.

“The measurement folks want to see things cross-platform, but the buy side’s not always organized for that. “We’ve had a little bit of a breakdown in the ecosystem, and that has inhibited a lot of the movement towards looking at video (in a) more cross-platform (fashion).”

Pushed somewhat by both buy and sell side, media measurers like comScore and Nielsen have been in a race to offer holistic cross-media measurement metrics.

Hofstetter says she wants better cross-platform video targeting to help drive ad buyer structures that encourage video spend across online and TV-like formats.

She says she wants to use the next six months to “better reeducate” the marketplace on Comscore’s offerings.