COLOGNE — It makes programmatic buying solutions, real-time bidding tech and header bidding solutions that facilitate more than 12 trillion advertiser bids per quarter – so PubMatic should know a thing or two about mobile ad spend.

In its Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), the tech vendor unveils regular barometers on industry movements, as seen through its platform.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, PubMatic business development SVP Paulina Klimenko summarizes PubMatic’s Q2 QMI:

  • “Apps is the fastest growing segment of the mobile market. 80% of all the time was spent on the internet, and mobile devices are really in apps.”
  • “Video almost tripled last quarter and representing almost half of our overall video spend. In-app video including rewarded video or opt-in video is becoming again one of the fastest growing segments.”
  • “Private marketplaces in mobile nearly tripled for Pubmatic and now it counts for 30% of overall PMP business.”

But Klimenko also says mobile ad spending is being held back by another trio of factors:

  • “Ad quality. Brands as they’re choosing the platform to spend on, are increasingly looking for quality and there are certain concerns about the app environment.”
  • “Ad verification and measurement. For brands to be able to shift budgets away from desktop to mobile, they need to be able to have that sort of comfort that the ad gets delivered.”
  • “Viewability. We’re committed to inventory quality and transparency so we spend a lot of investment and effort on ensuring quality of app inventory as well as viewability.”

Klimenko says the mobile web behaves a lot like the desktop environment, and users can enjoy the protections afford by Ads.txt, the technology which publishers can use to control who gets to sell their inventory, but apps still lack an equivalent mechanism.

Klimenko says PubMatic is working with the IAB to develop such a framework for apps, too.

This video is part of a series produced at DMEXCO 2018 in Cologne titled:  “Finding Success in a Time of Transformation.” It is is presented by PubMatic. For segments from the series, please visit this page.