InMobi’s Silverman Plots Path From Mobile To Connected TV

COLOGNE — It is one of the oldest mobile ad networks around, so what is InMobi doing planning a move in to television? In this video interview with Beet.TV, InMobi marketplace VP and GM Scott Silverman says the company will soon be helping advertisers bridge mobile and connected TV campaigns. “We’ll work with app developers […]


Digital Publishing in Denmark: JP/Politikens Hus’ Skarequist Shares Growing Publisher Ad-Tech Concern

COLOGNE — Whether it was The Guardian urging publishers to take back control of their ad-tech stack or eBay concerned about putting all its eggs in one basket, it is clear that publishers have become increasingly concerned about the benefits they get from using third-party ad-tech platforms. And Danish publisher JP/Politikens Hus is no different. The […]


PubMatic’s Klimenko On Three Mid-2018 Mobile Trends

COLOGNE — It makes programmatic buying solutions, real-time bidding tech and header bidding solutions that facilitate more than 12 trillion advertiser bids per quarter – so PubMatic should know a thing or two about mobile ad spend. In its Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI), the tech vendor unveils regular barometers on industry movements, as seen through […]


eBay’s Smith On How The Auction Site Buys Ad-Tech

COLOGNE — For a service that is all about price auctions, you could be forgiven for thinking eBay had programmatic advertising licked. But, in this video interview with Beet.TV, eBay director of ad-tech and innovation, EMEA, Geoff Smith explains how, at its scale, selecting elements of its ad-tech stack can be a headache. “The problem with […]


New York Times Put Programmatic On Pause In Europe: Jay Glogovsky explains

COLOGNE — When Europe’s new GDPR consumer data law came in to effect on May 24, introducing new limits on how companies could process and target using consumers’ data, it caused a big drop-off in the amount of advertising being bought programmatically. Sharp eyes noticed that programmatic ad demand volume dropped by up to 40%, […]


The Economist’s Mullaney Plans Post-GDPR Audio Increase

COLOGNE — It has survived the Corn Laws and economic criticism of its own. Now The Economist says it is emerging from two of its latest challenges in fitter shape. In this video interview with Beet.TV, the newspaper’s global digital revenue SVP Michael Mullaney says his title has found fear about the GDPR law and advertiser resistance […]


News Corp’s Guenther Sees Publishers’ ‘Destiny’ In Flight To Quality

COLOGNE — The era when news publishers were happy to just adopt big ad-tech firms’ stacks is over. Now they want to control their tech and, with it, their own destiny. So says the man who runs programmatic ad-tech at one of the world’s biggest news publishers. “The key, the underlying thing across all this […]


Beyond Cookies, Advance Local’s Sutton On Quest For User Identity

It is the number-nine news organization in the United States, with 52 million monthly uniques and 11 million social followers. But, like any local news company, the challenge for Advance Local is piecing together its network of local strengths in to something that has both scale and on-the-ground relevance. To date, Advance Local has made […]