Long known for its dynamic ad capabilities, BrightLine decided to add “a data side to the equation” with its DataCast offering in early 2018. The platform was built from scratch to account for core differences between Internet and mobile approaches that do not effectively port to TV, and many premium content providers have since signed on with the technology.

“What we’ve done is we’ve created a further opportunity beyond enhanced ads at scale for brands to buy household addressable and targeted ads across the entire OTT landscape,” says Jacqueline Corbelli, who is Founder, Chairman and CEO of BrightLine.

In so doing, BrightLine has focused exclusively on major broadcast and cable networks, building a national footprint for full scale across the likes of ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, A&E, AMC, Turner and Viacom, among others. Hulu, which represents approximately 70% of ad-supported streaming, is a “very important partner,” Corbelli says in this interview with Beet.TV.

DataCast links commonly sought audience segments to TV screens—for example, automobile purchase intenders—then identifies specific households within the BrightLine OTT footprint that match the target audience segments. Targeted campaigns using enhanced and/or traditional TV commercials can be delivered to those households.

For DataCast, BrightLine’s media partners integrate the company’s technology within their OTT apps across the full OTT device footprint, including FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Xbox, PlayStation, Samsung, IOS and Android. Household reach is currently 68 million.

“In addition to providing enhanced ads, we are now able to provide a targeting and household addressable solution that is as simple to buy as a thirty-second commercial has been all these years,” says Corbelli.

Because of the way that BrightLine has brought its new technology to market and the data it is able to collect, it can map devices to a home and create “a now 68-million household graph that allows for this type of targeting to occur. And the reason it’s important is it’s a reach extension for household addressable that is bought on the linear side of the TV equation. It brings that OTT layer to the opportunity for brands to get increasingly targeted.

“We talk about one to one. But in the home and where TV is concerned, household addressability is really a much more appropriate way, as advertisers believe, to reach their audience. And that’s what we’ve built,” says Corbelli.

This segment is from a Beet.TV series, “It’s an OTT World” presented by BrightLine. Please visit this page for additional videos