MIAMI – About six months ago, dataxu unveiled the first self-serve platform for custom, audience-based buying of connected-TV inventory. “I’m always surprised by what our customers are now coming up with,” says Tore Tellefsen, the company’s VP of TV Solutions.

dataxu started down the road of expanding its OneView audience management platform some four years ago. Back then, the focus was to “solve the problem around mobile advertising” and being able to tie digital and cookies with mobile devices.

“What dataxu did at the time is they had designed the platform and the system with an eye toward TV in the future. So we built in the notion of household and individuals,” Tellefsen says in this interview at the recent Beet Retreat Miami 2017.

With OneView, a variety of marketer’ data, when combined with mobile data about consumers, facilitates targeting people at the household level for connected-TV.

Another key piece of the solution pertained to inventory. This involved working with publishers and demand-side platforms “to bring to bear all of the best publishers and apps that are available across the connected TV universe and make it available on the platform for our clients to activate against,” Tellefsen says.

It represents a shift from contextual buying of connected-TV to deciding which audiences are most attractive and “do that across connected-TV and online video and mobile video.”

Tellefsen cites the example of a dataxu mobile streaming client that’s using its device ID’s and targeting those customers on connected-TV to do subscription upgrades. Other uses are taking first-party data—people who have visited a website or signed up for a subscription—translating that into digital audiences “and then reaching those same consumers with offers around their product and their service.”

Given the paradigm shift from context to audience targeting, educating advertisers and agencies requires “patience and repetition,” says Tellefsen.

“It’s not so much about describing the Swiss Army Knife and what it can do but how have other people employed these tools and these capabilities to solve business challenges.”

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat Miami, 2017 presented by Videology along with Alphonso and 605. For more videos from the event, please visit this page.