MIAMI – The fragmented TV viewing environment is reality. But it doesn’t pay to wait for “the perfect system” for cross-screen measurement and ad campaign attribution.

“I think the time is now,” says Videology’s Tony Yi. “Facebook video impressions are growing exponentially. Amazon is out there in full force.”

In this interview with Beet.TV at the Beet Retreat Miami 2017, Yi explains the need to counter things like last-click attribution and suggests that when it comes to TV audience targeting, the OpenAP consortium of Fox, Turner and Viacom won’t be the only option.

Yi’s message is simple: Traditional TV players need to move fast to adjust to changing viewing behavior lest they fall victim to what has happened in the digital publishing world, where giants like Facebook and Google rule the revenue roost. “What we can’t do is wait for the perfect system to meld itself together across different silos, linear, VOD, addressable, or everything going to IP.”

Videology has been investing in its “data spine” because it understood early on that “we’ve got to get down to the respondent level. Even to the device level.”

Seeing about six billion ad requests daily, “We amplify the signal that we’re getting at the respondent level to the currencies so we can help our clients better forecast and plan media against the currencies,” says Yi, who is GM, Strategic Commercial/Business Development.

Complementing the data spine is developing an understanding of clients’ data needs in order to drive outcomes.

“Only then can we actually measure how is that attributable to traditional television,” Yi says. “Because if leave that up to the digital giants, the barbarians at the gate, they will define things in terms of search and last click, things that don’t behoove the traditional media companies.”

He’s seeing more impetus for media sellers to move past early “protectionism” of their inventory and cooperate with competitors, along with “reaching across the aisle to the buy-side and create platforms where they can agree upon and share the right data sets, the right outcomes and attribution methods.”

Yi calls OpenAP “a great step,” one that Videology supports “both from a client standpoint as well as from a market messaging standpoint. We know there are a number of great initiatives under way, some that are more public like OpenAP and others that have yet to be disclosed.”

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat Miami, 2017 presented by Videology along with Alphonso and 605. For more videos from the event, please visit this page.