MIAMI — The announcement was made in the summer but, already, it seems like cable operator Charter and TV ad data tech outfit 605 have converted their partnership in to visible results.

In July, the pair announced 605’s methodology and technology would be used by Charter to fuel census-based TV measurement and analytics.

In this recorded discussion at Beet Retreat, Charter ad products and strategy SVP Rob Klippel and 605 president Ben Tatta discussed the partnership, and what comes next.

“While we’ve deployed this application that now allows us to sell TV in terms of audiences and impressions, we realized the larger value really, of being able to bring insights and value to the programmers, to the national advertisers and agencies,” Klippel said.

“And, while I think we have great data assets and a census level data to us, really the value of 605 is to be able to take our data, to pull it together with other data sources and to better serve the national marketplace.

So what has the partnership yielded? Specifically, a software platform that allows Charter to develop custom audiences for ad buyers, helping along the migration of TV ad sales from an old, demographic-based world to one which is based on targeting audiences more accurately.

The biggest hurdle, with both Charter and for all operators making the switch, Tatta said, is in adapting to the collect data from the fragmented cable TV ecosystem.

“In the case of Charter is you’re talking about over 80 plus markets, over 1000 ad zones each of which have their own inventory and rates information,” he said. “It’s a lot of data ingestion, a lot of the work was processing the data, getting it to a state that it could be acted upon very quickly with low latency.”

But Tatta and Klippel opened up on examples in which the ensuring product can help advertisers understand audience preferences at the local level.

“Austin South indexed 2x against BMW and then the adjacent market was like 1 1/2 times for Kia,” Tatta said, citing an automotive advertising example. “It’s things like that the local sales people have never been able to see before. What’s interesting is just to see how this kind of rolls out on a really local level and then obviously, our broader ambition is to nationalize this so we can do this on a much broader basis.”

Klippel says the new platform “has fundamentally changed the conversation that we’re having with our customers”.

“They can sit down real-time and create custom schedules that are tailored to a specific audience and the output is very transparent,” he added. Under the old model, if you need to make changes you kinda go back to your research and planning team and you start that multi day process all over again.”

This video was produced at the Beet Retreat Miami, 2017 presented by Videology along with Alphonso and 605. For more videos from the event, please visit this page.