Maybe, one day, the addressable, programmatic, data-driven buying of TV ads will appear on our TV screens.

That used to be the view in TV land – “one day”. But one ad exec elbow-deep in the data says that day is already upon us.

“I spend a lot of time in the marketplace talking with partners, talking with agencies and brands who are exploring this space, and I really think it’s reached a tipping point,” according to dataxu’s Tore Tellefsen.

“A year ago, we were talking about exploratory or test budgets and … dipping your toes into the water to figure out what’s going to work and what’s not. But with the advent of the skinny (TV) bundles, the availability of live, linear, dynamically ad inserted ads to consumers is just incredibly exciting.”

Boston-based dataxu’s ad-tech makes billions of ad impressions daily available for buyers to buy, and it analyses the follow-on behaviour of users to better rate the same inventory on future opportunities. Sling TV inventory is available to buy through the platform.

According to eMarketer, US addressable TV ad expenditures will grow 65.8% to reach $1.26 billion in 2017.

Addressable TV spending will make up just 1.7% of total TV ad expenditures ($72.72 billion) in the country this year. By 2019, that proportion will grow to 4.0%.

“We see this (explosion) happening for real, every day, every month in just terms of the growth of inventory that’s available, the number of households that are consuming ad supported connected TV applications like Sling TV,” Tellefesen adds.

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