It has been providing programmatic advertising buying services for a decade. But now AppNexus’ video efforts are kicking up a gear.

At its customer summit in New York, the company made three announcements it hopes will make it easier for advertisers to buy ads in over-the-top and connected TV environments:

  1. Direct integration with Pluto TV and TUBI.
  2. Integration of OTT DMP Tru Optik’s segmentation in to AppNexus’ own Connected TV Marketplace.
  3. New tools including an SDK for Apple TV.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, AppNexus’ video technology SVP Eric Hoffert opens up on the new developments.

On the Tru Optik deal, Hoffert says: “They’re like a specialized, over-the-top DMP. Effectively, they allow the ability to take IP addresses for connected TV supply, and map them and convert them into what they call the ‘OTT household graph’ that allows for the use of traditional audience segments for audience targeting.

“That’s really powerful because, on connected TV, a lot of programmatic buyers want to be able to do the kind of programmatic buying they do on the desktop and mobile apps. But because connected TV’s supply, 85% of it is lacking a device ID, you need a solution like Tru Optik’s.”

Lastly, Hoffert says AppNexus’ new SDK for Apple TV enables ad insertion on the client side, including pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and video ad pods and commercial breaks.

This interview took place at the AppNexus customer summit in New York.