“Unlimited” creativity is on offer to advertisers reaching consumers through mobile – but agencies must first restructure to better make assets for what is a new and unique screen.

That is according to one ad planner in an effort to enhance ad production for mobile and social environments.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ogilvy USA engagement and planning head Shari Reichenberg says too few traditional agencies are yet truly taking advantage of the possibilities mobile affords – and the new unique approach it demands.

“There seems to be a risk … that mobile and social and really all things digital are still sort of peripheral or almost an afterthought – and that’s not how today’s consumer thinks,” Reichenberg says. “We need to restructure so that mobile is of paramount importance.”

What would a restructure look like? Reichenberg suggests staffing every creative team with strategists and creatives who are really skilled in mobile, so that mobile-first thinking can be done from the very start of planning a new creative campaign.

The ways in which mobile differs are several.

“The creative possibilities on mobile are unlimited,” Reichenberg adds. “A fundamental creative idea for an advertising campaign can truly be manifested in mobile in a really interesting and unique way, not simply just cut for a four-inch screen.

“We can use augmented reality to change the way that people see or interact with content. We can use live to make an event be exciting and a way for consumers to all feel that they are there and be interacting with a brand or a particular event as it is happening.”

Reichenberg was participating in a Creative Ambassadors Program staged by Facebook and WPP, aimed at threading mobile creative skills throughout creative agencies housed in the world’s largest ad agency holding group.

“They are essentially canvases (on Facebook) that I didn’t realize existed. “As soon as I saw some of these examples and creative formats that they were showing us, I immediately thought about how they could work for our clients. I came back and I’m talking with our teams about building things differently from the very beginning.”

This Beet.TV series, presented by Facebook and WPP, is titled Creativity in a Mobile First World. Please find more videos from the series here.