Nevermind Mobile-First, VML’s Kapadia Puts Ideas First

Over the last few years, the advertising, technology and media sectors have all scrambled to adopt a strategy they call “mobile-first”. But that is a device-centric strategy in a world that many now see becoming increasingly device-agnostic, as more people experience more content across a range of gadgets and screens. For Harsh Kapadia, the group director […]


Facebook’s Hsu On The Importance Of Creativity

The social network invented by a computer science drop-out may look like the same white-and-blue product to all of its two billion users. After all, Facebook is a platform. But that doesn’t mean Facebook cannot also be the place where creative messaging can thrive. Whilst the company operates as a self-service ad platform, it is also […]


Mobile Creative Opportunities Are Unlimited: Ogilvy’s Reichenberg

“Unlimited” creativity is on offer to advertisers reaching consumers through mobile – but agencies must first restructure to better make assets for what is a new and unique screen. That is according to one ad planner in an effort to enhance ad production for mobile and social environments. In this video interview with Beet.TV, Ogilvy USA […]


WPP, Facebook Program Upgrades Group-Wide Mobile Creativity

Advertisers felt like they got good at Facebook some time ago. But, at the world’s largest ad agency holding group, most of that expertise was concentrated amongst the buyers of ad space. That’s why WPP saw the need to tool-up Facebook savvy amongst the people actually tasked with creating ads for that inventory. Together with […]


VML’s Kapadia Gets Creative With Facebook’s Mobile Filters

At this point in the evolution of Facebook advertising, many brands may think they are doing a good job. But the opportunities on offer don’t start and end with the tools brands think are available – the possibilities may be greater than that. Case in point is Harsh Kapadia. The group director of WPP creative agency […]


WPP, Facebook Forge Stronger Relationship Through Ambassadors Program

Facebook may now be one of the biggest single spending destinations for the biggest ad agency holding group on the planet – but that doesn’t mean things have always been rosy from WPP’s point of view. CEO Sir Martin Sorrell has often questioned some of the social network’s ad pricing mechanisms, and WPP has called […]


Take ‘Hard Decisions’ To Reboot Video For Mobile: POSSIBLE’s Marshall

When was the last time you enjoyed watching a 30-second TV commercial in your Facebook newsfeed? Probably never. So why do so many advertisers still jam ads built for an old medium in to the new one? That is the question Facebook and WPP’s creative agencies have been working on, in a Creative Ambassadors Program […]


Play More: Facebook’s Hsu Urges Brands To Get Creative

Advertisers should open their mind to the possibilities of mobile marketing that have little to do with standard ad units or the world of digital advertising as we have come to know it. That is the message to ad agencies from one woman leading creative industry engagement for Facebook’s Instagram. “It’s all about being agile, […]


Facebook Live Best Practices For Brands, By POSSIBLE’s Marshall

We are now two years out from when Facebook launched its Live broadcasting product. To put that in context, it took years for television advertisers to break out of simply running radio commercials, years for filmmakers to realize the medium could host more than just recorded stage plays. So, for a medium that is just […]