We are in a world with more options for consuming video than ever before, from Hollywood-sized productions to shoestring YouTube uploads.

But, if you are an advertiser, nothing beats the power wielded by premium video, according to one man representing the interests of big TV companies.

“There are platforms and all sorts of conduits that are getting good quality video whose being distributed on so many different conduits and platforms,” says Sean Cunningham, CEO of th Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“And, yet, in that environment, in any given minute, in this country, 91% of all video is consumed on television. Eighty-eight percent of all video, in any given minute, for millennials is consumed on television.

“The overwhelming, sort of, nationwide addiction to video has never been stronger. As it proliferates and we just make more of it, what we find is there’s just an endless appetite for high-quality, premium video.”

Cunningham should know. His VAB was formed in 2015 out of the old Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB0 and represents national broadcast and ad-supported cable networks, regional cable networks, MVPDs, major cinema advertisers and suppliers to the video advertising business.

In a new piece of work, it seeks to expose the “Echo Chamber Effect“, in which it says views grown in to trends have escalated in to reports of seismic change that have spread like wildfire throughout the advertising industry – but which are untruths.

The work skewers beliefs that digital is disrupting traditional TV as fast as many claim it is, saying “less than 1 % of cable+ households have cut the cord in 2016 and 2017”.

And, despite heavy investment from Netflix and Amazon in to original premium programming, Cunningham tells Beet.TV it is incumbents who still make the industry tick.

“My members, ad-supported television, they’ve spent over the past five years, $225,000,000,000 on original content,” he adds. “A hit television show right now needs to be distributed on as many as 90 different platforms. What the great arbiter should be to marketer is committed attention.”