Amazon may have cornered mindshare for cloud services these last few years. But, all the while, Google has been making some heavy investments in its cloud infrastructure, too.

Lately, that infrastructure seems to have been bearing fruit, with many of Google’s hardware products trading off AI features that depend on Google Cloud.

But devices are not the only beneficiaries. Google’s cloud is also the foundation point for a rearchitected DoubleClick advertising suite, one that has been retooled for the future of video and TV Ad sales.

In this video interview with Beet.TV Google’s Julie Sterling explains the importance of the developments.

“We’ve rebuilt our stack on the Google infrastructure, so it’s allowing us to do a lot of really exciting advancements,” Sterling, head of Google’s broadcast partnerships, says.

Case in point – one recently-unveiled new product is TV-Modeled Forecasting and Pacing, allowing clients to look back through historical ad performance and adjust based on new insights. Announced this week, it was actually a multi-year effort which depended on moving DoubleClick’s back-end systems to Google infrastructure.

Now that the move has happened, Sterling says Google’s offering to TV companies is an olive branch with three prongs, used by CBS, Bloomberg and A+E, for instance:

  • Distribution
  • Discovery
  • Monetisation

“The underpinning of all three of those, really, is DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers) Video, which is our ad stack. All three of those partners that you mentioned are on our ad stack.

“What I think most of our programmers find very exciting is our collaboration with our Cloud team.

“These are kind of consultative-led initiatives where we really work with the partner to understand what are their data visualization needs, how can they take more advantage of their first-party data and third-party data?, how can we layer on our machine learning capabilities, as well as just simplifying their lift and shift to the cloud?”

This video is part of a series of Beet.TV’s coverage of the Advanced Advertising conference held during NYC TV Week. Beet.TV’s coverage is presented by 4C Insights. Please find additional videos on this page.