The digital advertising world is striving to get over the recent realisation that a large percentage of purchased inventory may never actually be in-view to real human consumers.

But, whilst so-called “viewability” is a rating that has reared its head in digital channels, the idea that other media boasted totally viewable ads is a fallacy.

That’s according to one leading media and technology analyst, BTIG‘s Rich Greenfield.

“All advertising has viewability problems,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “I go to make a sandwich while I’m watching Modern Family (on TV); does it capture the fact that I went out and got a sandwich?

“Engagement with TV is far, far lower than what the ratings show. The new player on the block being digital, it’s been magnified.

“Are there issues with the metrics that have been used for online media? Absolutely. But we know where the eyeballs are shifting – they’re shifting to the mobile device.”

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