LAS VEGAS — Advanced advertising techniques are coming on stream around the world – but variation in the pace of roll-out, coupled with discrepancies in how to measure consumption, is posing a challenge to global channel operators.

That is the view of one consultant helping broadcasters navigate a path through international waters.

“Each individual geography is moving at its own speed,” says MTM London co-founder Jon Watts in this video interview with Beet.TV.

“In the UK, we’re moving to a new measurement panel system, which will do a much better job at taking account multi-platform viewing. In the US, you have two big measurement providers both adapting to do multi-screen.

“In other markets, it’s more uneven. In central and eastern Europe, the panels are much smaller, the broadcasters fund them much less well, the underlying infrastructure is pretty poor quality, it’s much harder to do (these) kind of things.”

That, Watts says, poses a challenge to big global channel operators that just want to template their operations from country to country.

“If you’re, say, Viacom … it means you don’t really have an option to do a one-size-fits-all solution,” he adds. “You’re going to have to do it different in every market.”

Watts’ MTM put together a just-out research paper from Videology, which examines the state of addressable TV across European markets.

It puts the UK at the most advanced with Spain lagging behind at the bottom. The report says effective measurement is not an essential pre-requisite for the development of addressable TV advertising, but can help to unlock significant extra value when the right kinds of investments are made.

Watts adds: “You would like to be able to unlock pan-regional campaigns more easily. We’re seeing a lot of fragmentation. Fragmentation is increasing, not decreasing.”

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