BARCELONA — Most people in the media and marketing industries know that Red Bull is amongst the most celebrated of pioneer companies when it comes to branded content.

The soft drink brand creates and publishes about extreme sports activities around the world to amplify its tagline, “Red Bull gives you wings”, the most notorious of which was a skydive from space.

So what is the secret recipe for content marketing success? Speaking with Beet.TV in this video interview, Red Bull Media House chief technology officer Andreas Gall explains – it’s about social, not analogue.

“It’s like a formula,” he says. “Keep the people in your network, make them happy, produce the right content, and go step-by-step with these learnings in to the next successful area.

“When you’re distributing your content through social media platforms, you get perfect feedback.”

Last month, Red Bull Media House unveiled a raft of extreme sports experiences available via virtual reality.

Gall says Red Bull is hot on performance media.

“We try to avoid broadcast – it’s much more complex,” he says. “In the digital world, you have direct response. These numbers are so relevant for us.

“You see how many views, you see people switching from one category of your channel to another channel. You are learning every second.”

This video was produced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress 2017.  The series is sponsored by Turner.  Please visit this page for additional segments from MWC.