Addressable television advertising removes the conjecture surrounding the fragmented viewing behavior of today’s audiences, according to Brienna Pinnow. “With addressable, I don’t have to guess if my audience is watching Shark Tank or Sharknado,” says Pinnow, who is Director of Product Marketing for Experian Marketing Services.

“I actually get to target the right person at the right time, no matter what content they’re consuming or when they’re consuming it,” she adds in an interview with Beet.TV.

Experian has been working with content distributors like DISH TV “to have this perfect marriage of data and subscriber information,” Pinnow says.

Experian applies its vast trove of consumer data to DISH’s subscribers “so that advertisers can finally go beyond age and gender and actually target people based on thousands of other attributes,” she explains.

Beyond targeting people at the household level, addressable TV “opens the door to closed-loop campaign reporting,” according to Pinnow. “Did that commercial, did that frequency, actually get people to come into a dealership or a store location and spend a certain amount of money? That’s the power of closed-loop reporting,” she says.

An added benefit of addressable is that it generates learnings that can be applied to linear TV buys. “DISH and Experian are able to do that for advertisers across verticals, show them the true return on ad spend for their TV buys, which is so different than what it was in the past,” Pinnow says.

At its core, addressable relegates to the past targeting by something as simple as age and sex. “I think everybody can think about themselves and they know that they are so much more than just those two things,” says Pinnow. “And so that’s the beauty of addressable TV. You get to take potentially thousands of other data attributes, life moments, and use that to trigger the perfect message at the perfect time.”

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