In a world where consumers are ignoring your ads, how do you win back their attention?

By making content audiences actually want to consume, says one veteran digital marketing analyst.

eMarketer co-founder and chairman Geoff Ramsey says the traditional approach of distributing ads – “shotgun”-style, to broad audiences, in interruptive fashion – is losing its effect.

According to a forecast from his firm, 26% of US internet users already run ad-blocking software, expected to rise to almost a third next year, posing a serious threat to conventional marketing techniques.

eMarketer US ad block forecast

At the DMEXCO ad-tech conference in Germany in September, Ramsey will take to the stage to discuss how new forms of creativity can overcome the problem. The eMarketer team, just acquired by German publisher Axel Springer, will be there in force.

The answer, he says, is “magnetic content“. “Most messages are pushed out with the hope that someone will go, ‘That resonates with me, I’ll buy that product’,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “These days, it’s less about pushing messages out and more about attracting consumers in.”

Ramsey likens the media landscape to a haystack, wherein consumers are needles. Magnetic content can attract them out, he says. But what is it, and where should marketers spend their effort?

“Spend less time doing programmatic, looking at all the data and numbers and so on,” Ramsey advises.

“You need to spend more time as a marketer thinking how you can create best-in-class, magnetic content that is inherently compelling, entertaining, tells a story, is useful.

“It requires data management, sophisticated marketing attribution, creative people and restructuring your organisations and relationships with partners.”

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