Brands Moving Money In Response To Trust Crisis: eMarketer’s Ramsey

The last year has seen a perfect storm hit the marketing industry – brand safety concerns, agency strife, GDPR and Facebook’s data scandal. In response, the industry is seeing a big movement of money, from platforms now deemed undesirable, to alternative channels brands find more appealing. So says Geoff Ramsey, chairman of marketing analysis company […]


Ad-Free SVOD Will Squeeze TV Revenue, Says eMarketer’s Ramsey

It’s a theory we’ve seen before – if more content becomes pay-for and ad-free, will opportunities for advertisers dry up? Media content has traditionally been funded by either consumer income or advertiser income. If the needle moves toward the former, as it is doing through subscriptions like Netflix, Hulu and Spotify, what does that mean for the traditional […]


“Magnetic Content” Attracts Consumers From The Haystack: eMarketer’s Ramsey

In a world where consumers are ignoring your ads, how do you win back their attention? By making content audiences actually want to consume, says one veteran digital marketing analyst. eMarketer co-founder and chairman Geoff Ramsey says the traditional approach of distributing ads – “shotgun”-style, to broad audiences, in interruptive fashion – is losing its effect. According […]