SEVILLE — As consumers’ media time has fragmented across a smorgasbord of different devices, comScore is amongst the agencies racing to catch up, by allowing media companies and advertisers to track holistic experiences.

“When we talk to our clients, the number one ask is the ability to be able to track and report their audiences and their advertising across all the different platforms,” according to Manish Bhatia, chief product officer, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

To that end, comScore, with a heritage in digital measurement, recently merged with Rentrak, the TV measurement outfit, leading to what Bhatia calls “a more homogenized, more integrated product” in the next few months.

Beside cross-screen, viewability is Bhatia’s main challenge, having built in a number of ad tools for buyers, plus brandishing a Kantar partnership to work on the problem.

We have a partnership with them outside the US,” Bhatia adds, “where an advertiser can run an ad “campaign and between the two companies, we can track, ‘Did it run?’, ‘Where did it run?’, ‘Who saw it?’, then ‘What happened after the ad ran?’, and that means both the branding impact, and also, any sales lift that resulted from that ad.”



This interview was recorded at the I-com Global Forum for Marketing and Data Measurement in Seville, Spain, April 18 to 21. This video is part of a series from the Forum sponsored by Xaxis.  Please visit this page for more videos from Seville.