SEVILLE — By now, people know all about ad retargeting – the practice through which ads for products you have viewed online follow you around the web.

But what if those products followed you out of a store, through the shopping mall and in your car home after a visit to your local shop?

That’s what Bannerconnect strategy director Tim Geenen is getting excited about.

“The project that we’re currently running is about connecting the dots,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “So how do you join offline and online data, how do you connect the virtual and the physical world?

“There’s new technology on the market and we started playing around with it like we always do, and we were actually able to identify people that walked into a store – not only identify them but also reengage with them later.

“That’s called offline retargeting. And this is still very early stage, but first results look very promising, and, from a technology point of view, we’re just happy we made it work.”

Bannerconnect, a programmatic ad-tech company headquartered in the Netherlands, was acquired by WPP’s Xaxis back in 2014.




This interview was recorded at the I-com Global Forum for Marketing and Data Measurement in Seville, Spain, April 18 to 21. This video is part of a series from the Forum sponsored by Xaxis.  Please visit this page for more videos from Seville.