BARCELONA — A clutch of ad-tech vendors, from placeIQ to Ubimo, is focused on bringing to mobile advertising an input that is obvious but often overlooked – consumers’ location.

Another vendor, Factual, has already been in this game for a number of years, and in December took another big $35mn funding round to further its ambitions. The aims for that cash are threefold, says Factual’s revenue SVP Rob Jonas:

  • “Continuing the growth of the business.”
  • “To allow us to expand the business as it is outside of the US and to further international markets.”
  • “Continue development of our existing products and new products.”

All of that is toward that single aim – helping advertisers better target ads by accounting for exactly where audiences (or their phones) really are.

“We know that location in its most basic form has a very positive impact on advertising rates, and allows publishers and media owners and app developers to monetize at a much higher level than they can without that information,” Jonas says.


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