BARCELONA — Mobile is a different device – and that’s going to require very different advertising strategies, one of Google’s international ad execs says.

“We’re trying to help people move away last-click attribution,” Google EMEA performance solutions MD Ian Carrington tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “A lot of people are using last-click attribution models. That means they’re not valuing mobile correctly.”

In last-click attribution, the value of a purchase made by a consumer is attributed to the last click she made on the journey.

But the model is falling out of favor in a multi-channel world.

“Sixty-five percent of users will start their journey on a mobile and complete it on a different device,” Carrington stresses.

“Users will often search on a mobile device and go to a physical location. We can understand that behavior and help advertisers to value a customer who’s walked in to the store after using their mobile device.”


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