This year’s presidential election race is shaping up to be the one most defined by the science of polling meeting the precision of ad targeting.

This year, candidates from both parties are using Targeted Victory, a Virginia-based politics marketing agency, to help target using first-party data.

“They’ve learned they can start with an email message and then use a DMP (data management platform) to target people who are, (for example), specifically Republican voters, voters in a specific county, or people who are in to Second Amendment or environmental issues,” says Doron Wesly, the SVP and CMO of one DMP, Lotame, in this video interview with Beet.TV.

Wesly says that kind of precision can reduce the churn of people on candidates’ email marketing lists.

He adds that, whilst activity from both political stripes is “tremendous” currently, one side is winning: “We’re seeing quite a bit of activity from the RNC, where their candidates are just doing incredibly innovative stuff, reaching the audience and being able to speak specifically to the topics that are interesting these audiences.