BARCELONA — Mobile advertising was set to account for half of all US digital ad spending in 2015. Many of those ads may have been simply repurposed from other digital formats – but it’s important to consider how mobile is different from desktop.

Rosa Markarian, VP of Global Business Operations for WPP’s mobile-focused Light Reaction performance marketing division, lays out the key considerations.

“It’s important to understand that, (on mobile), you might use different types of inventory for both (apps and web) – whereas on desktop, it’s of course just web inventory,” she tells Beet.TV in this video interview.

“Worldwide, around 70-80% of the inventory on mobile is in-app. It’s really important to also leverage this inventory and deliver ads there that have high quality, because usually in apps you have really high visibility of your ads.”

That amounts to advice that advertisers exposing on mobile website should use their ads from mobile apps, which account for the largest share of consumers’ mobile device time.

The latest data-driven ad-tech operation under the WPP stable, Light Reaction was launched by WPP’s programmatic division Xaxis a year ago to put a performance spin on mobile-first ad sales.

Markarian’s advice goes further. She outlines three useful mobile marketing tactics:

  • “Work with a lot of different creatives … compare the performance across all the different ad forms and creatives.”
  • “Have a wide range of creators … you also have completely new types of creatives with like rich media for example, like expandable creatives…”
  • “App reengagement to make sure that users are connected back to the app, that they use the app more often.”


This video was is part of Beet.TV’s coverage of Mobile World Congress presented by Light Reaction.   Please visit this page for additional videos from Barcelona.