Light Reaction’s Markarian On Mobile Ad Considerations

BARCELONA — Mobile advertising was set to account for half of all US digital ad spending in 2015. Many of those ads may have been simply repurposed from other digital formats – but it’s important to consider how mobile is different from desktop. Rosa Markarian, VP of Global Business Operations for WPP’s mobile-focused Light Reaction performance […]


Xaxis’ Markarian: ‘Programmatic buying is the future of video advertising’

Data-driven, automated video inventory buying (AKA programmatic buying) is “the future for video advertising,” according to one advertising executive working in the space. “With online video combined with traditional TV, we have much more precise targeting possibilities,” Rosa Markarian, the EMEA region product development director of GroupM’s Xaxis audience profiling unit, told Beet.TV during the […]


Xaxis’ Markarian: TV Advertisers Must Think Beyond The 30-Second Spot’

LONDON – Group M’s new data-driven audience-buying unit is convinced TV and online video advertising must join together but says TV people must use all the extra tools online offers. “The big goal and the only way to use all the benefits of online video is to combine traditional TV and online video and find […]