PALM SPRINGS — Since it was launched more than a decade ago, the fan wiki hosting site Wikia has built up a huge following for, essentially, static information.

Now it wants to put some momentum in to that content. That’s why CEO Craig Palmer this month launched a big outgrowth of the site, calling it Fandom, a place where fans don’t just author descriptions of pop culture artefacts – they make each one in to a daily media zine.

Palmer explains the problem Wikia saw: “We have 120,000 pages of Star Wars content – but, when the trailer for the new movie came out, what was being discussed forever was, ‘Why wasn’t Luke Skywalker in the movie?'”

Wikia’s new site, Fandom, is full of online magazine-style articles, published throughout the day on topics related to movies, TV shows and games.

“We do that by asking our fans to become fan reporters for us,” Palmer adds. “We marry a huge amount of original content, capturing articles and videos that represent that pulse of fandom. We’re leveraging the democratization of knowledge.”

Right now, Fandom mostly includes Star Wars content, but links to articles hosted elsewhere.