LAS VEGAS — AOL wants to make more video this year to catch up with unmet demand for watching online content, says AOL content and consumer brands EVP Jimmy Maymann.

The publisher  has a host of productions on the go, but Maymann says appetite is voracious.

“When people log on to the internet, a third of what they do is watching online video,” he tells Beet.TV in this video interview. “Right now, when I look across our properties, we are at 20%, that means we are under-indexing.”

As well as videos on its existing roster of content sites, AOL these days also has a raft of original commissions, unveiled last to advertisers April in its NewFronts event. But, this year, Maymann says more video money will be put back in to the blogs that are part and parcel of AOL’s stable.

“We’re bringing investment back in to the brands,” he says. “We’re still doing originals but it will be HuffPo originals or TechCrunch originals. We’re doubling down on the properties we have to audiences we have – trying to create deeper video experiences and shows within those brands, rather than trying to create something on top that needs to attract a new brand. Thats where you’re really going to see investment dollars flow in

This video is part of Beet.TV coverage of CES 2016 sponsored by Adobe.