AOL’s Content Team Takes Charge To Clean Up Ads

CANNES — If consumers are revolting against advertising because ad-tech has been too aggressive, why would anyone trust ad-tech to clean up the mess? That seems to be the rationale at AOL, whose content division is now taking a stronger role in making ad formats that don’t piss off its readers and viewers. “People are pushing back […]


AOL to Up Video Production for its Media Brands In 2016, Maymann

LAS VEGAS — AOL wants to make more video this year to catch up with unmet demand for watching online content, says AOL content and consumer brands EVP Jimmy Maymann. The publisher  has a host of productions on the go, but Maymann says appetite is voracious. “When people log on to the internet, a third of what they do is watching […]


Can The HuffPost Show Fill Colbert’s Gap, All The Way To Cable?

AUSTIN — With two of broadcast TV’s satirical news-meisters heading to pastures new this year, is online video yet in a position to move in and occupy the space? We may find out on April 3. That’s when Huffington Post launches The HuffPost Show – but, in time, the online media brand wants to get its shows on the living room TV. “It […]


HuffPost Claims 50% Audience Overseas w/ International Strategy Ahead Of Schedule

Three years after first embarking on its overseas expansion, Huffington Post says the strategy is running healthily to exceed the original targets it set for next year. “We thought back then that, if we could reach more than 100 million readers by the end of 2015, we would have created something that would be very […]


HuffPo CEO Aims To Triple Video Inventory To Close Ad Gap

Advertisers must quickly move their money to online video to catch up with consumer demand – but publishers must give them reasons to, too, says the CEO of AOL’s Huffington Post Media Group, signalling a commitment to up its own game in the space. “The dollars are not flowing right now – there’s a gap,” […]


The Huffington Post Plans Launch in India

LONDON – The Huffington is registering 44 percent of it’s traffic from outside the United States via it 11 international editions, which adds up to over 92 million unique visitors, says Jimmy Maymann, CEO of the Huffington Post, in this video interview with Beet.TV.  The company plans expand this year with a new global edition […]


Huffington Post CEO Maymann: “HuffPost Live” Nears Break Even, Eyeing Global Expansion

LONDON — Nearly two years after launching, HuffPost Live, Huffington Post’s effort to reinvent rolling TV news, is on the verge of breaking even, says HuffPost’s CEO. “We’ve gotten to more than 100 million video views on a monthly basis now,” Jimmy Maymann tells Beet.TV. “We need scale to appeal to TV buyers – we’re […]


HuffPost Live in Cable Deal

HuffPost Live, the daily live talk and interactive program, will debut on the  AXS TV cable network, according to The New York Times.   The announcement of the new distribution deal is to to be made at the AOL Digital NewFronts event on Tuesday in New York. Earlier this year, we interviewed Huffington Post Media CEO […]