LAS VEGAS – Here are some of the take ways from CES 2016 as seen by Ashley J. Swartz, CEO of Furious Corp and frequestn commentator on Beet.TV

  • More Devices, More Touchpoints,  More Connections Mean More Data: “The ever increasing number of devices, connections and consumer touchpoints mean more data and more ways to reach consumers and audiences”, says Swartz. This is an opportunity for marketers, but also more work and cost. Particularly, as video capable devices increase and evolve to 4K and Ultra High Definition (UHD) formats, the cost of creating content and advertising will only increase, making the business models more and more challenging despite the opening up of channels.  Wearables: Wearable technology was prevalent at the show, but many of these devices still need refinement in appearance and in convergence, Swartz explains.
  • The Internet of Health: Wearables are not only finally getting pretty, but they are driving an evolution of ecosystems to power healthy lifestyles, which expand beyond smart watches and smart phone applications. It is clear to see the lines will continue to blur into the connected home and connected devices that are not personal or outside the home.
  • Finally a Demand for Driverless Cars: Automotive manufacturers had numerous announcements about partnerships and their in vehicle entertainment and navigation systems. As vehicles become more connected, and high speed data is available in car, the ability to multi-task with email, etc. will begin to create need, demand and make driverless vehicles more relevant. This may be what Google has been waiting for to create a meaningful driver [consumer] value proposition.

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